6 Billion Ways presents…

Taking back our economy: Making it work for the 99%

An evening of short films and speakers

Tuesday 31 January, 6.30pm. Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1

Three years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, governments are squeezing communities to ensure business as usual for an increasingly feral elite. Fresh questions are being raised: Are we in need of better policies and stricter financial regulation? Or do we need an entirely new economic system?

We’re seeing threats of widespread financial collapse and public sector cuts in the UK and across Europe, home repossessions, record levels of unemployment, yet ever-higher wages for corporate executives, declining tax receipts by the rich, booming city profits and deepening inequality. Ordinary people are asking: Is it time to build an alternative, sustainable economy that really serves our interests?

Amid the rise of strikes and resistance everywhere and the growing global Occupy Movement, 6 Billion Ways is hosting an evening of informative and inspirational films and analysis, about the economic crisis and what we, the 99% are doing about it! Let us know you’re coming on Facebook.





  • Carl Holmes

    you could start by campaigning for reform of banking system joining up with ‘positive money’ stopping banks from creating money out of nothin

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