Film night: Power Hungry – Cutting corporate control of energy

Tuesday 25 September, from 6.30pm
Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA

Power Hungry flyer

Join 6 Billion Ways for a free evening of short films, speakers, campaigns & discussion on our energy future:

Our current energy system is rapidly running out of steam. Corporate giants have spent decades destroying communities and ecosystems all over the world to extract fossil fuels but it is clear this has to stop.

Our planet is burning, but powerful energy companies block any real attempts to stop climate change. Instead they promote false solutions like shale gas which are just as polluting and destructive.

Fuel prices are soaring, leaving many in cold homes, while billions around the world have no access to electricity at all. We need a new system that provides clean, safe energy for everyone before it is too late.

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