Films from our Egypt film night

There was a full house at our Egypt film night on Wednesday, but if you missed it or wanted to see the films again, the main ones are online.

The Factory
“A glimpse into life inside Egypt’s Mahalla textile factory – a cauldron of revolt where workers inspired an uprising.”
We showed edited extracts of this 50 minute documentary at the film night, but it’s worth watching in full.

Tweets from Tahrir
This was our main feature, telling the story of the ousting of Mubarak and the progress of the revolution in 2011 through interviews with five of the people who tweeted the whole way through. It’s a fast-paced, gripping film, which is also 50 minutes long.

Mosireen’s YouTube channel
Activist video collective Mosireen’s YouTube channel is still being updated with footage from the latest developments, though it’s only slightly older videos that have English subtitles yet.

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