Films from our #noTTIP film night

A big thanks to everyone who made it to our #noTTIP film night last night. There was a really great buzz and lots of energy for derailing this corporate power grab in its entirety.

All of the films shown are available on YouTube, and we’re including the links below (they’re listed in the order they were shown). Feel free to take inspiration from our selection to put on your own film night in your area.

What did you think?

Also, if you were there last night, let us know how it worked for you as a film night in the comments. Was the balance of the films right? Are there other TTIP films you’ve seen that could have been included? We’d love to know.

Finally, make sure you’re on the 6 Billion Ways mailing list (sign up in the box on the right) to find out about our next film night in the new year.

The films

1. Get ready for TTIP (1m 46s)

2. TTIP: A race to the bottom (1m 42s)

3. Why is TTIP more than a Trade Agreement (11m 18s)

4. No Fracking Way (5m 11s)

5. What is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership? (4m 08s)

6. Spizzwinks sing TTIP (1m 11s)

7. Politics for People (2m 48s)

8. Trans-Pacific Partnership (10m 56s)

9. WDM #NoTTIP: Join the Movement (1m 28s)

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